Book V: Diomedes wounds Aphrodite


There, reaching forward to strike, the high-hearted
son of Tydeus, leaping, wounded the feeble hand
with the sharp spear.  At once, the spear bore right through the skin
through the immortal cloth which the Graces had fabricated for her,
over the base of her palm, and immortal blood gushed from the goddess, the serum of such a kind that runs through the blessed divinities.

ἔνθ᾽ ἐπορεξάμενος μεγαθύμου Τυδέος υἱὸς
ἄκρην οὔτασε χεῖρα μετάλμενος ὀξέϊ δουρὶ
ἀβληχρήν: εἶθαρ δὲ δόρυ χροὸς ἀντετόρησεν
ἀμβροσίου διὰ πέπλου, ὅν οἱ Χάριτες κάμον αὐταί,
πρυμνὸν ὕπερ θέναρος: ῥέε δ᾽ ἄμβροτον αἷμα θεοῖο
ἰχώρ, οἷός πέρ τε ῥέει μακάρεσσι θεοῖσιν:

(Iliad, lines 5.334-40)

In book 5, Athena  allow Diomedes to see the gods that are involved in battle, however he may not injure any of them, except Aphrodite.
I think I would have preferred to do a full portrait of Aphrodite or Diomedes for this book, however I still like the end result.
The “golden apple” here is supposed to represent Aphrodite being wounded by Diomedes.  The whole photo should also evoke some kind of cosmic force at play.