Book VII: Gift Exchange


Thus, he spoke, and gave over a silver studded sword,
together bringing it forward with a sheath, and also a well-cut strap,
and Ajax gave a radiant purple warrior’s belt.

ὣς ἄρα φωνήσας δῶκε ξίφος ἀργυρόηλον
σὺν κολεῷ τε φέρων καὶ ἐϋτμήτῳ τελαμῶνι:
Αἴας δὲ ζωστῆρα δίδου φοίνικι φαεινόν.

(Iliad, lines 7.303-5)

I imagined the dual between Hector and Ajax as quite playful and finishing on a kind of stale mate, so I wanted to use chess and Lego as a setting!
The actual scene being portrayed is the gift exchange between them, where Hector gives Ajax a silver sword, and Ajax give him a purple belt in return.  They have to stop; Zeus call off their fighting because night has fallen.